Larson Audio Visual can provide support for your event through any visual medium you wish to use. Extensive experience in this field allows us to help you develop a plan to effectively reach your customers or patrons and get your message visually delivered.

Some available items:                        Please call with your specifications.

Projectors and screens:

Projectors – 2000 lumen to 10,000 lumen

Tripod screens – 4’ to 8’ width with skirting

Fastfold screens – 6’ X 8’ to 16’ X 20’ with drapery, skirting and enclosure

LCD monitors:

20” to 24” with VGA or USB inputs

32” to 65” – LCD or plasma – HD, VGA, composite and component video inputs

Upright floor stands and wall mounts

Laptop computers:

Windows 7 or Windows XP, Office 2010 or Office 2007, DVD-R, CD-R, USB

Keyboards, mice, speakers, monitors to set up a full size kiosk or work station

Remote mouse / remote presenter via USB

Video switches:

Seamless switchers / Extron switchers / Push button switchers

Video preview monitors:

CRT 5” / 8” / 14”

Cameras for live video / tripods

Video distribution amps

DVD Players / DVD Recorders

Videotaping / editing / DVD’s

Video cables & connectors:

HD cables, DVI cables, VGA cables, VGA gender changers, BNC cables, BNC connectors, BNC to RCA connectors, RCA video, RCA barrel connectors, Mac video connectors

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